Welcome to The Labyrinthine Proclamations of a Self-Confessed Book Addict

It would please many of you to discover that despite the numerous existential crises you may face on any given week, none of you are as ridiculously and wholeheartedly fucked up as me. Perhaps that was a bit of an exaggeration, but there’s nothing like a little sardonic and self-deprecating humour to engage with the masses, right?

Hello, all. I’m Ava, and I’m alcoholic book-loving eighteen-year old. I’m creating this blog as a means to express myself online, and will perhaps integrate book reviews, various life updates and random hauls. You may think of this blog as inane, or simply vapid, and to that I say; you’re right. Honestly, I have no clue if I will continue to write these posts, and whether or not anyone will read my nonsensical ramblings, but I suppose once I’ll write them anyway; as an outlet for my thoughts, and as a way to preserve the shit that comes out of my millennial brain.

Farewell, my friends and see you in my next post (if any of you are interested enough to read it).



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